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About Alugreen

Alugreen Windows is established to provide our end customer a complete customised windows solution. The management in Alugreen is fusion of seasoned engineers with core expertise in aluminium and UPVC windows. We, at Alugreen, touch upon each segment of the value chain of the Building, construction and Interior industry.

We supervise the delivery of windows from drawing & designing stage till the post installation services. We are proud to have successfully delivered our services to many esteemed clients across India. Our latest high tech fabrication unit has increased our muscle power to lift and fulfil expectation from window experts .We enjoy privilege of our customer as they act as our Brand ambassadors.

World Of Benefits

DURABILITY : Alugreen upvc window systems do not warp twist or split.
SOUND INSULATION : Not only do they provide thermal insulation but also special sound insulation. Double glass units can help in sound reductions as well.
IAQ : Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be maintained by avoiding interior energy loss (generally 37% through windows). Alugreen upvc windows reduce energy loss thereby reducing energy costs.
IMPACT RESISTANCE : Alugreen window systems are uniquely designed and s pecially formulated to withstand high impacts during handling and installation.
AESTHETICS : Looks matter the most. With this understanding, Alugreen windows are adaptable to develop attractive designs, ranges and wooden finish laminated profiles.
Long-Lasting Results
UV RESISTANCE : Alugreen upvc profile 100% UV resistance with right amount of TiO2, which helps in retaining brightness against exposure to sun.
Long-Lasting Results
TERMITE & CORROSION RESISTANCE : Alugreen upvc window systems are termite and corrosion resistant. Salts, acids, alkali and waste gases cannot corrode the window systems.
Long-Lasting Results
MAINTENANCE FREE : Alugreen upvc window systems are virtually dirt resistant and easy to maintain with normal soap water.
Long-Lasting Results
BUG MESH OPTIONS : Mosquitoes and other bugs are a big menace. To Protect against Insects, We have bug mesh option available for our sliding systems.
Long-Lasting Results
EXCELLENT COST BENEFIT RATIO : Upvc profiles save a lot of costs in terms of maintenance & saving energy when compared to Timber frames which are approximately 40% - 50% more expensive.
Long-Lasting Results
DESIGN FREEDOM : A creative assortment of profiles mix-matched with combinations like bays, coupled windows, combination windows, etc is our forte.


"Alugreen has natural sense of responsibility at every stage of execution. They offered solution to my different requirement of windows. My architect and I strongly recommend them"

Capt. Aleck Desai

"Now no more sleepless night after windows by Alugreen , My home is now noise proof .Thank you team Alugreen"

Dharmesh Joshi

"Extremely knowledgeable Alugreen team ensured seamless transformation from my old aluminum windows to elegant uPVC windows of Alugreen"

Rachna Agarawal

"Its been now two years , no water leakage through my windows in monsoon . Great Job Alugreen"

Varun Dalmia