Manasi Pandey

Holistic Life Coach & Counselor
Founder, Life N More

Manasi Pandey owner of Life N More is a Holistic Life Coach & Counselor, 10 years + experience. A spiritualist, she is an energy healer well known for distance healing. She is a Tarot Consultant and Meditation coach 20 years + . She has authored a book Life O Life 2012. A Multi faceted personality, her achievements include first generation entrepreneur. She is also a trained, professional anchor, news reader and Radio Jockey from Kolkata. Currently associated with RADIO ADDA Mumbai as member of board of directors. She is also handling branding and marketing of RADIO ADDA and Adda TV. Her expertise in unconventional marketing and sales conversions earned her a place in the hospitality industry, party lovers and others including startups. She has been conducting events and event styling for 7 years now. She is founder of Group Sisterhood by Life N More and trains, supports Shepreneurs to live the life of their dreams.

About Me

  Manasi Pandey

Manasi - born 6th July 1974 Born with an extraordinary gift. Her gift is the power to heal and her superpower is love. She is a born healer and an intuitive empath.
Conversations on larger things in life always make her happy and interested. Was an average student in school but was loved for her leadership skills by her teachers and peers. Her speech skills and multi dimensional personality made her immensely popular. Dance, music, writing are a few creative aspects of her personality.
Her will power and the courage to choose her path made her The Manasi Pandey or Simplymanasi as people know her today. Blessed with a charming personality, indomitable attitude and hunger to learn, she achieved what she aimed for in life.
An ambivert, healthy boundaries are her way of life.
Charisma India Paegent 2019 - Crowned Queen of Hearts
She is open to collaborations.

Her 5 core values:
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Reliability
  • Positivity
  • Consistency
5 Beliefs:
  • Self Compassion is mandatory
  • Happiness is the goal
  • Gratitude is key
  • Empathetic leadership is the way
  • Spiritual Holistic Approach


   Life Coaching Happiness

   Self Love Coaching

   Self development Coaching

   Counseling Services

   Tarot Consultation

   Meditation Coaching

   Suicide prevention

   Guided Meditation Sessions

   Energy Healing Sessions









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